Benefits of Process Hazard Analysis

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June 7, 2021
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June 24, 2021

Most organizations fail to conduct process hazard analysis (PHA) because they are not sure of the benefits they will get from it. This article details the benefits of process hazard analysis so that you can find out if your organization needs to conduct it. If you are unfamiliar with the hazard analysis process and how it can be used, you’re not alone. Many companies struggle to comprehend the necessity of such a process. The benefits of process hazard analysis are often glossed over. Process Hazard Analysis Consultants are aimed at identifying, analyzing, and reducing potential failures in a process.

The nature of business has changed over the years especially with the entry of several manufacturers across the globe. Since they are dealing with different types of clients, it has created a demand for new ways of doing things. In this regard, process hazard analysis has been pivotal in helping some businesses to provide a better service to their clients. Process hazard analysis (PHA) is considered to be one of the critical components in the analysis and design of process safety management (PSM). It is defined by ISO as ‘a systematic approach to assessing the potential for hazardous incidents which result from failure of a process to perform in accordance with its intended goals’. Protecting people, property, natural environment, etc. through prevention or mitigation of hazardous industrial incidents can help in safeguarding profitability as well.

Process hazard analysis is a detailed study of every possible thing that can go wrong in a process and how to handle those problems. The purpose of process hazard analysis is to take a broad look at what goes into a process, point out potential problems, help eliminate or reduce risk and find ways to improve performance or quality. A PHA can reduce the risk of incidents that cause death, injuries, and property damages. PHAs are performed to identify the “root causes” of incidents or near-misses in order to eliminate the root cause and prevent a recurrence. PHAs should be performed during each design stage. However, they can also catch bigger problems in the operational stage, before reaching catastrophic proportions.

TheSafetyMaster, a top safety consultant provides process hazard analysis and fire audit services. Process hazard analysis is part of risk management in business and industry. Process hazards are unsafe conditions or events that can cause a process accident if they are not identified and corrected. Process safety management commonly involves the use of a process flow diagram to identify the potential hazards that could occur in a specific process or operation.

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