Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan

A safety culture is an Organisational culture that places a high level of importance on safety beliefs, values and attitudes—and these are shared by the majority of people within the company or workplace. It can be characterized as ‘The way we do things around here’. A positive safety culture can result in improved workplace health and safety (WHS) and Organisational performance.
Our Safety Culture improvement services focus to implement strategic behavior based safety system through capability capsules, rating assessments & tailormade implementations and timely provide strategic pathfinder report to provide gaps and solutions so that risk based safety culture transformation program can be implemented.

Emergency Response Training

A program to planning for possible emergencies; providing resources to execute the plan with clear roles and responsibilities; practicing and continuously improving the plan; training or informing employees, contractors, neighbors, and local authorities on what to do, how they will be notified and how to report an emergency; and effectively communicating with stakeholders in the event an incident does occur. Through this, our client can focus on -
  • Compliance with standards..
  • Prevent fatalities and injuries..
  • Reduce damage to buildings, stock, and equipment..
  • Protect the environment and the community .
  • Emergency alarm system, Core team development, Governance structure of emergency system.


Emergency Safety Mapping

  • Development of the drawing .
  • Root Mapping Survey .
  • Emergency Layout Development .
  • Survey Layout Development

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