Five Things to know about Process Safety Management in the Industry

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May 21, 2020
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June 11, 2020

Process Safety Management is a standard that requires employers and companies to identify, evaluate, and control the hazards associated with the highly hazardous chemicals used in their processes. TheSafetyMaster is the leading company providing Process Safety Management Training in India. Here are the five things you should know about process safety management.

  • PSM is important for managing complex industrial operations and simple operations involving hazardous materials. The elements of PSM focus on Technology, Facilities, and Personnel. All sites must do their due diligence in ensuring their facility is safe to work, equipment is maintained correctly, and there are proper operating procedures in place no matter whether or not regulatory requirements cover the site.
  • An essential part of process safety management is assessing processes and making sure the people involved in those processes understand the chemicals they are working with and the possible dangers. They need to know how the process works, what daily operations and maintenance look like, and how to respond when irregularities occur.
  • Process Safety Information (PSI) could be considered the base of a PSM program therein it tells you what you’re handling from both the equipment and therefore the process standpoint. Information on hazardous chemicals, as well as the material used in each covered process, is gathered and put into written form. All affected employees have access to this information to help them identify and understand potential hazards.
  • You must compile written operating procedures that outline PSM implementation, steps for every operating phase, operating limits and safety, and health concerns. Your operating procedures establish safe work practices and also minimize the potential for workplace accidents.
  • Proper safety management results in reduced exposure to lawsuits, penalties, and public liability claims. Other intangible benefits include retention of corporate image. The principles of process safety management apply throughout the lifecycle of a plant or installation to make sure that the facilities are often managed safely and achieve acceptable levels of business risk overall.

How TheSafetyMaster can help:

  • We conduct a Process Safety Management Audit and an initial assessment of the existing program to identify areas for improvement.
  • TheSafetyMaster helps companies in fine-tune mechanical integrity, management of change, and other programs that are an integral part of PSM.
  • We provide documentation for all elements of the program and typically assist in their implementation.
  • We also provide standard document development for process safety management.

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