Hazard and Operability Study (Hazop Study) – An overview

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August 17, 2021
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August 28, 2021

A hazard and operability study (HAZOP) is a systematic process for identifying and evaluating the hazards in a system and examining ways to control these hazards, usually by eliminating or minimizing them. The idea behind a HAZOP is to examine and document possible system failures, focusing on their probability and severity; this leads to the establishment of safeguards against these failures. In chemical engineering, HAZOP is one of several techniques used for process safety analysis

Hazop study is a form of completing the calculations of any risk control and gain all about safety issues as well as learns for all hazards which possibly may cause harm to the facility and stakeholders in all, people unavailability during natural disasters. These studies are done in Hazop study for any facilities where it is possible that it will be damaged by any kind of disaster. In Hazop study any kind of system is checked out if it is working properly or not, this study also determines that if any system is not operated by the equipment then what defects are available in it if any one of them is failed then what will be the exact cause of that failure.

Industrial establishments are now adopting the latest automation and control technologies for the optimal performance of plants. This has resulted in more complex engineering systems over the last decade. However, this has also opened up newer doors for unethical users to exploit these technologies for their benefit. Hazop studies (hazard analyses) hence become a must-do before commissioning any new system, expansion of an existing system, or interface between automated equipment. The purpose of the Hazop study is to determine if hazardous situations exist within the process or its surroundings that may cause damage to equipment or production due to accidents, malfunctioning or human error. The main purpose of the Hazop study is to ensure that the process and the procedure in place at a given point of time will be adhering to the conditions prevailing then rather than focusing on past situations and thus meeting the safety requirements during the design stage.

Hazard and Operability Study

Whenever we execute any hazop activity, it suggests that we are practicing safe operation of the facility, this never occurs without complete safety audits. The important thing is to make sure you’re doing the work from top to bottom. So, there is a lot of detailed information required and this can be a challenging task while taking the same action in multiple locations in a short span of time. It becomes very easy and cost-effective if you have the worksheet ready with you, which contains all the important details in one place. This is similar to gathering details for the Hazop study checklist as well. Hazop study is helpful for analyzing the hazards related to natural phenomena and system failure causes. It helps in assessing the risk that lies in encounters with hazardous events, analyses & predicts the risk of occurrence of such an event along with all its consequences, thus provides a proper safety measure to prevent them.

Is your company in compliance with OSHA and other regulatory audits? It is essential to ensure the safety of workers especially in industries that have a lot of risk factors like Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food industries. TheSafetyMaster is a top safety consultant providing Hazop Study and safety audit services for companies in India. We believe that workplace injury statistics should be reduced since most hazards are long-term in nature and require effective steps to safeguard employees from such dangers. We can help you identify potential hazards at your workplace whether it’s a large manufacturing facility or industry. Our audit specifically involves site visits, interviews, employee observation, documentation, testing of equipment, and safe work practices.

We provide separate services for both large-scale industrial sectors and small manufacturing units. Our experienced team comprises management professionals who believe in innovating a professional approach which gives us an added advantage in today’s business scenario. Hazop Study is a Process of discovering, assessing, and managing Hazards in all the project aspects. Hazop Study is the process that helps to analyze the major hazards facing the project and their prevention in the most cost-effective manner. Hazop Study conducted by TheSafetyMaster during the preliminary stages or pre-development plan helps to reduce the losses of time, money, or personal property that could result from unexpected events.

We provide Hazop study, safety audits, and safety training in India. Our Hazop expert will start the Hazop study by conducting Hazard Analysis which is an essential part of the Hazop study. We have helped numerous organizations grow to greater heights by making them more safety conscious. TheSafetyMaster is a leading company providing Process Safety Management to its clients. Hazop Study helps in identifying all the important hazards, tasks, and operations in different areas that are involved in any particular project. These studies provide useful insights into managing risk and do a great job of reducing potential losses due to preventable hazards. Maintaining the safety of surroundings plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of any project.

Hazop studies form the cornerstone of many safety decisions that permit hazardous processes to continue or be built. In many cases, these meetings are held every quarter with multiple parties present, and various parties requesting another study to confirm the findings of previous studies due to changes made in process operations. This causes confusion and redundancy of efforts. In addition to serving customers in the process industries, we specialize in servicing the mining and construction industries. TheSafetyMaster is focused on providing safety audits and safety training. We offer the most advanced training & consulting programs for industries and accomplish our mission of “Safer India, Better World”.

How TheSafetyMaster Can Help In HAZOP

  • Recognizable proof of the vital extent of the examination and choice of the vital reports.
  • Balance of the HAZOP gatherings by an accomplished, autonomous group pioneer.
  • Documentation of the HAZOP study results.
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