Pre- Startup Safety Review

Process Safety Management for Hazardous Industry
February 6, 2020
March 20, 2020

Management of Change and Pre-startup Safety Review (PSSR) Management of Change is the element for which all other foundation elements of Process Safety Management (PSM) are implemented. It is the PSM element that controls the introduction of new risk. Recognizing change, analyzing the danger of every change, and doing small changes efficiently are just a few of the hurdles that managers face with MOC implementation.

The aim of a pre-startup safety review is to assist make sure that proper safety measures are taken and are operational before a new chemical is placed or the current chemical plant is modified. The pre-startup review confirms that before the introduction of a modified chemical or a modification to the current hazardous chemical inventory:

  • Construction of equipment is in conformity with design specifications;
  • Safety, maintenance, operating, and emergency procedures are in their proper place and correct;
  • For new chemicals, a PHA has been performed and recommendations have been resolved or implemented before the chemical arrives on the site;
  • For changed processes, the Management of Change requirements have been met; and
  • Training of each employee involved in handling the dangerous chemical has been completed.

The Pre- Startup Safety Review is a safety review conducted before the startup of a modified or new manufacturing factory or facility to make sure that installations meet the first design, to catch and re-assess any potential hazard from the changes during the detailed construction and engineering phase of the project. In other words, it makes sure the status of the processing facility.

The Main Activities in the PSSR of a Project

Following activities are administered during a PSSR with coordination between Contractor and Owner of the plant/facilities:

  • Do PSSR participation from the authorized Contractor and Owner personnel
  • Do Technical and HSE reviews of documentation
  • Verify all construction and equipment is in conformity with safety, environmental and health regulation, and standards.
  • Complete all corrective action items raised within the PSSR.
  • Complete Post- Start-up corrective action items.
  • The representative of the Project Owner signs the PSSR checklists for approval of the commissioning/start-up of the plant.
  • Documentation of PSSR.

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