Process Safety Management in Chemical Industry

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May 21, 2018
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December 21, 2018

Chemical Industry is one of the most critical industries that brings with it unique conditions that need to be properly cared for. While safety procedures in other industries are advisable they are absolutely mandatory in the Chemical Industry.

Nobody wants a repeat of major PSM incidents (Process Safety Management) like Chernobyl (the tragic Russian Chemical Industry accident) or another Union Carbide Bhopal Gas leak tragedy. Laws are very strict for high risk industries as life and health of hundreds of citizens is directly related to them.

The Safety Master, partners with such high risk driven Chemical industries to ensure safety of its employees, environment and general public.

There is wide range of dangers in the Chemical Industry that includes: accidental inhaling of poisonous gas, burning with acid, inhalation of dust or vapors of harmful gases, accidental pollution of air/ water/ land due to leaks or incompetent safety management procedures.

With a population dense country like India process safety in chemical industry is necessary.

There is science behind Process Safety Management System that involves proper diagnostic procedures, data fed-driven systems, testing tools, engineering solutions for process safety and dynamic real time results with in depth analysis.

At the Safety Master we work passionately for the safety of people working in chemical industry as well as the ones directly or indirectly associated with it. We provide Process Safety Management Training and Process Safety Management Certification to the employees of our clients empowering them with critical know-how and information of all the safety procedures that must be followed in case of emergencies as well as on general day to day basis.

As a globally respected company, the Safety Master provides complete solutions for process safety in the Chemical Industry. We promote the culture of safety, preparedness and risk mitigation to build an environment of trust, security and safety for every person working in this high risk industry. This culture of safety and preparedness is our motivation that leads us to provide supreme solutions in form of fire safety system, operational risk management system and risk mitigation system. Among our clients is the reputed Parle, Honda, Amazon, SRF, ShriRam, Cadila Health Care Limited, KEI Stainless Steel Wires, Dr. Reddy’s, Lupin, Heubach, BKT and many others.

Apart from Chemical Industry we serve other industries too that include automobile industry, food and beverages industry, FMCG industry, Oil and Gas industry, Logistics industry, Petrochemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry and construction/ building industry etc.

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