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December 29, 2021
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We are all aware of the benefits of process safety management and how it’s supposed to keep us safe at work. However, in reality, we have all had near misses and nearly added a “core sample” to our resumes, haven’t we? We see the dangers of not managing the operations correctly but can you really measure it? Is it actually beneficial to your business or is it just extra work with little or no benefit?

How Process Safety Management reduces workplace risks: The heart of Process Safety is following engineering control procedures. This involves employee training, maintenance, and administration practices and has many benefits, which we will cover in this post.

What is Process Safety Management?

Any process that has the potential to create a serious injury, harm the environment, or result in a major loss of capital investment is considered as a hazardous process. For processes that fall under this categorization, it is essential to have an organized and efficient management system in place – systematic monitoring and mitigation of these hazards can ensure safe operations. This management system is referred to as Process Safety Management (PSM).

Process Safety Management

Importance of Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management is a type of risk management that focuses on the mitigation of the harm that could be caused by hazardous chemicals. It includes a combination of organizational processes, safety requirements, and risk assessments to reduce harm and exposure to workers, communities, and the environment.

Safety is a key to success in modern business and industry just as much as it is in home life. The process of safety management is an important process for the effective functioning of any organization and is aimed at eliminating the risk involved in various processes.

To make this very clear. Process safety is not a department assigned to handle compliance issues. However, it should not be confused with the statutory duties of an operator when there is an accident, because in that case, the operator is liable under applicable laws. Therefore, process safety should be seen as a continuous effort by every person involved in the production of a good or service as well as managers, throughout the supply chain. There is no denying the fact that process safety management saves lives and property by offering a safe working environment for employees and identifying hazards. The importance of PSM cannot be overlooked in any industry. You can hire top safety consultants.

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