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April 2, 2019
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January 28, 2020

Accidents and injuries do happen a lot of times in the industry. Indirect costs such as loss of worker life, productivity, poor quality of goods and services, and damage to customer relations and public image can be two to four times the direct costs.

The impact of accidents, injuries, reaches far beyond the physical safety of the workplace. Workplace injuries often require employees to take time off or result in restricted work duties or the need to transfer to less physically demanding positions. In addition, there is the cost to repair and replace damaged equipment and the cost of lost or limited production stemming from an unexpected disruption of operations, all of which decrease operational effectiveness and productivity.

Companies and Industries that are serious regarding protecting their employees should do far more than react after an injury or rely on awareness-based safety efforts and usually, this approach only delays the next injury. Safety is not just about responding to injuries but is about the ongoing identification of exposure, the implementation of control systems, and assuring these controls are used to neutralize the exposure. Nowadays it has become very important to implement a proper safety culture in an organization. TheSafetyMaster is a leading Process Safety Management Consultancy (PSM) and Process Safety Management Incidents India.

The organization is taking actions that encourage their workers to be more engaged in safety, make it a higher priority and take personal responsibility for being safe. It requires action to get through everyone. The people that work for these firms know-how necessary safety is, and often view it as a core value of the organization.
TheSafetyMaster understands that a great Safety Culture is an integrated socio-technical system of values, beliefs, behaviors, structures, and processes that work together to achieve the ultimate goal of no harm. And from our experience, the key to a great Safety Culture starts with visible leadership commitment at every level of the organization.

Introducing and embracing the concepts of culture and values in most organizations, and especially those in technical or engineering remains an uphill battle. The main thing is that it is very necessary to transform the safety culture.

How TheSafetyMaster™ can help
Our consultants are having hands-on expertise in Behavior Based Safety Management and are well-versed in any international practices in BBS. Our respective experience will help your company to avail following services

Objectives of a Risk Assessment
1) Safety Culture Survey
2) Training on Behavior Safety at all level of hirearchy
3) Safety Culture Transformation-BBS Implementation & Facilitation

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