Top Safety Consultancy In India

Based on our experience we work closely with companies in a huge range of sectors to assist you to discover the solutions to any health and safety, and environmental issues as effectively as possible. TheSafetyMaster has a proven track record of developing positive, long-term relationships with organizations of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors globally.

TheSafetyMaster believes for a practical approach in achieving an accident-free workplace and strives to seek out innovative solutions to suit the culture and taboos of the people working within the industry. Our experts have contributed to the implementation of the guidelines of the industry’s most prominent professional organization.

TheSafetyMaster offers various safety services like Process Safety Management, Process Hazards Analysis, HAZOP Study, Hazardous Area Classification, EHS Training, etc.

We help our clients understand and evaluate their risks and work together to develop pragmatic solutions. TheSafetyMaster's value-adding, the practical approach integrates specialist process safety assessment, engineering, and testing. We seek to teach and grow client competence to supply sustainable performance improvement

We are one of the earliest safety consultancy firms established in India to meet the specific demands of the industries in the area of Safety. TheSafetyMaster is a leading organization in the field of Safety and Inspection. TheSafetyMaster has carried out assignments all over India. Our services are trusted among the number of industries and sectors like Cement, Oil and Gas, Breweries, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Manufacturing, and Distilleries, etc. in a more efficient and safer way.

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