Statutory Safety Audit

Statutory Safety Audit

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Local norms, rules and regulations and statutes such as Factory Acts, State Factory Rules, BIS 14489 and other standards as applied to various industry verticals cannot be ignored. Abiding by national and international statutes requires Statutory Safety Audits by the experts at TheSafetyMaster™. The emphasis here is on helping your business meet all statutory safety requirements as set by various regulatory bodies.

Statutory Safety Audits are intrinsic for production, manufacturing and construction verticals that aim to remain in compliance with various provisions put in place by varying regulatory bodies. Keeping track of these numerable provisions requires the input of experts. These experts are well able to analyze compliance levels and enforce norms and regulations as needed. Upon completion of Indepth audits; TheSafetyMaster™ can suggest and help implement complete compliance with varying statutes and provisions.

Contact us To take your first step towards statutory compliance; contact the experts at TheSafetyMaster™ for in-depth audits of ongoing safety management systems and to help you bring them up to date with current norms and regulations.

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