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Dust Explosion Hazard Assessment

Dust Explosion Hazard Assessment

Every year there are dozens of dust explosions. An explosion will occur if the concentration of the combustible dust that is suspended in air is sufficient to propagate flame when ignited by a sufficiently energetic ignition source. These explosions occur in industries as diverse as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, plastics/polymers, metals and many other industries. Dust explosions lead to injuries and fatalities, destruction of plant and equipment, and lost production and income.

Understanding Dust Explosion Prevention & Protection

Dust explosions are unpredictable as they are dangerous. They have a unique and complex phenomenon, i.e. you can’t find in two explosions that share the same characteristics.

A systematic approach to identifying dust cloud explosion safety against their consequences generally involves:
  • Identification of locations where combustible dust cloud atmospheres could be present
  • Understanding of the explosion characteristics of the dust(s)
  • Identification of potential ignition sources that could be present under normal and abnormal conditions
  • Proper process and facility design to eliminate and/or minimize the occurrence of dust explosions and protect people and facilities against their consequences
  • Adequate maintenance of facilities to prevent ignition sources and minimize dust release

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