Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment(HIRA)

A hazard may be human-made or naturally occurring. Humans and their activities are often the cause of hazards. Hazards can affect people, the natural environment, property, and services such as food production, energy supply, communications, and transport. Whether or not an employee is injured depends on a person's ability to react to a hazard, their exposure to the hazard, and the severity of the outcome of the exposure. Even if an employee is exposed to a hazard that causes no injury although there is one more service we provide Process safety management that will help you to maintain the safety of the workers in the firm, it may be important to address the hazard because it can result in future injuries.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment are important steps when working in our industrial environment. This process helps keep our workers safe, our workplace hazard free and can result in a safer product. We want to make sure everything we do as an Industrial Hygiene Company is done correctly. We need to understand how the workplace is set up and how employees work, then make sure the workers stay safe while they are there.

In the field of management, HIRA is an ongoing process in which safety specialists evaluate opportunities for the prevention and mitigation of accidental injuries and occupational illnesses. Hazard identification and risk assessment are synonymous with HIRA. In some nations, hazard identification and risk assessment may go by a slightly different name. Hazard identification and risk assessment are concerned with identifying hazards, assessing risk from these hazards, and taking actions to control or reduce the risks. There should be an identification of the hazards at an early stage of any operation to enable effective measures to prevent accidents. We conduct hazard identification and risk assessment in accordance with industrial standards which are used to ensure safety while working in any place whether it involves plants, people, or facilities.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) is a legal imposition placed on employers in keeping with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993. At TheSafetyMaster™, we are well able to ensure that you company is in HIRA compliance as expected by the Indian Government.

The primary purpose of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of workers and employees. At TheSafetyMaster™, we are staffed with the experts in Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in industrial settings and it is in keeping with safety norms that our expertise is utilized in the form of effective hazard identification and risk assessment audits.

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