Electrostatic Hazard Assessment

Electrostatic Hazard Assessment

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Electrostatic Hazard Assessment

Many processes and operations in a chemical plant involve handling and processing of liquids and powders, most of which could under certain conditions be flammable. Flammable gas, vapor, and dust cloud atmospheres can be ignited if a sufficiently energetic ignition source is present. One potential ignition source that, in many cases could be an inherent part of the process/operation is an electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic discharges result from the generation and accumulation of electrostatic charges. Electrostatic charge generation most commonly occurs whenever two materials, liquids and/or solids, make and then break contact with each other. The accumulation of the electrostatic charge can result in the creation of electrostatic discharges.

To know more about, how electrostatic hazards can be systematically assessed and explains the measures that can be taken to control static and thus mitigate the risk of flash fires and explosions.

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