Data Analytics

Data Analytics

When it comes to workplace injuries, organizations are always looking for new ways to understand what’s causing them – and how to stop them from occurring again. So, they record, report and store information on the incidents that happen, from informal one-on-one conversations to in depth root cause analyses.

But organizations don’t always make the most of the insights this data can provide. Often fearful that their data is not refined enough, complete enough or clean enough, they don’t take advantage of technologies like predictive analytics or artificial intelligence. Instead, they continue to rely on traditional reporting to deliver one-dimensional information about incidents. After people have been hurt – or worse. Our Safety Data Analytics Services include

  • Creation of databases
  • Assessment and preprocessing
  • Safety analytics
  • Safety performance evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis of Safety Reports
  • Risk quantification
  • Analytics based decision
  • Predictive safety analytics
  • Predictive risk analytics
  • Predictive risk analytics
  • Prescriptive safety analytics
  • Behavioral safety analytics
  • Injury Data Analysis
  • Training Data Analysis
  • Process Safety Analytics
  • Safety performance through KPI and Dashboards

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