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Safety Perception Survey

Safety Perception Survey

Your organization’s safety culture survey is the cornerstone of your safety performance. Let TSM TheSafetyMaster P Limited help you improve your culture so your employees can live their fullest lives - plus, fewer injuries will improve your bottom line. Our Safety Perception Surveys are worth your investment. Safety perception surveys identify employee perceptions which are their realities of the workplace’s health and safety culture.

Some cynics suggest these perceptions are not important because they can be incorrect. However, incorrect or not, employee perceptions are an employees’ reality and they do influence employee behaviour. For example, if employees believe senior management does not wear proper PPE at the worksites, to them, that belief is their reality.

Perceptions are your workers’ opinions, feelings and awareness about a topic. In relation to workplace safety, perceptions can highlight a range of aspects.

  • Awareness of hazards, risks, and safety processes in place
  • Thoughts and feelings about the processes in place and the effectiveness of the company’s safety strategy.
  • Key areas where things are working well and can be built upon
  • Key issues and areas where improvements are needed

To get Safety Perception Survey done for your employees, please send enquiry to info@thesafetymaster.com

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