Water Conservation Audit

Water Conservation Audit

TheSafetyMaster™ have specialist experts who can carry out water conservation audit on following points

  • Leak Identification
  • Capacity Requirement Calculations
  • Water Resources and their quality
  • Waste water treatment facilities and their efficiencies
  • Gather data such as maps showing locations and equipment where water is used
  • How and where to save water, ways to reduce water use
  • Estimate costs of fixture change-outs, new equipment or new processes and compare with estimated savings for water, wastewater and energy to calculate potential payback period
  • Prepare report

  • There is a strong emphasis on principles, and on the relationship of water auditing with associated activities like environmental auditing, environmental management systems, resource conservation, flow measurement, water quality and legal frameworks.

    Water auditing is a method of quantifying water flows and quality in simple or complex systems, with a view to reducing water usage and often saving money on otherwise unnecessary water use. There is an increasing awareness around the globe of the centrality of water to our lives

    To get water audit done of your facility, please send your enquiry to info@thesafetymaster.com

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