Expert Studies

Expert Studies

Knowledge based safety management is illustrated by two examples. The first one is TSM TheSafetyMaster Pvt Ltd expert system aiding hazard and operability studies of process systems. The second example is information system aiding process operators and engineers in the early identification and management of potentially hazardous disturbances.

We conduct following Expert Safety Environment Studies are:

  • Residual Life Assessment
  • Relief System Design
  • Arc Flash Study
  • NFPA 70E Validation
  • E- HAZOP
  • Lightning Protection Design Study
  • Illumination Design Studies
  • Machinery Risk Assessment
  • Pre- Commissioning Studies
  • Shut Down Safety Studies
  • Project Health &Safety and Environment Review
  • Waste Management
  • Ergonomics and Industrial Hygiene Study
  • Ventilation Study
  • Environment Engineering
  • P&ID Development

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