Process Engineering

Process Engineering

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Implementation auxiliary services.

  • Preliminary studies, project and schedule.
  • Detailed production engineering.
  • Preparation plan, planning and management.
  • Installation plans and documentation.
  • Coordination of internal and external teams.
  • Training, maintenance and optimization.

Concept Stage

  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Process Alternatives Analysis
  • Best available technology (BAT) analysis
  • Scoping for FEED
  • Process Simulation
  • PFD generation
  • HMB
  • Process description
  • Equipment list
  • Process risk summary

Detailed Process Design

Detailed process design package (PDP), which is sometimes referred to as a Schedule A or Basic Engineering Design (BED) package, refers to a completed process design package that includes all the necessary information required by an Engineering/Construction firm or Detail Engineering firm to perform the final engineering of the plant. PROCESS provides this package and helps to answer any questions the client or engineering firm might have to ensure a smooth transition into the detailed engineering phase. PROCESS provides process design packages for both Inside Battery Limits (ISBL) and Outside Battery Limits (OSBL) design requirements.

  • Preliminary general arrangement drawings
  • Preliminary building requirements
  • General description of the project site
  • Budget pricing from vendors on major pieces of equipment
  • Process design philosophies
  • Relief system design basis
  • Relief scenario datasheets and relief valve process datasheets
  • Process specialty items list
  • Tie-in list
  • Identification of power source and location
  • Material Selection Diagrams (MSDs) and piping specifications
  • Preliminary single line diagrams
  • Raw material and product storage and handling requirements
  • Process effluent and emissions summary
  • Process risk analysis (PHA, HAZOP, etc.)
  • Preliminary operating procedures
  • Preliminary product and in-process QC sampling/testing plan
  • Preliminary project schedule
  • Cost estimate with target +25%/-15% accuracy.

Specialised Services

  • Industrial wastewater treatment plant/ ETP/ STP design
  • process design integrity review
  • pinch analysis/ energy optimisation
  • process unit design
  • process scale up and simulations
  • design of vent emission control & assembly
  • design of vapour recovery units etc.
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