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May 27, 2021
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June 24, 2021

In any body of work, you will always have the risk of human error. Whether that be in a manufacturing facility, service industry, or even IT support. This is true in the office as well. In fact, research shows that some of the most dangerous threats in any environment come from inside your office walls. Behaviour Based Safety (BBS), much like traditional safety procedures, focuses on eliminating risk by predicting and reinforcing positive behavior.

There is a growing trend around Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) in the workplace and it relates to how organizations are responding to safety issues within their workplace. For example, one organization implemented a sophisticated Telematics System that provides drivers of company vehicles with real-time feedback on driving performance, general vehicle performance, and statistics about previous trips. Another organization decided to create a team responsible for accident prevention at the local plant. In this environment, the group decided to change the behaviors of drivers by approaching the problem from both a fundamental and cultural perspective.

Behavior-based safety (BBS) has become a widely accepted standard in today’s industry and is commonly used to prevent or correct unsafe behavior resulting in injuries or deaths or exposure to hazardous conditions. People make mistakes, people are human. BBS can be an effective tool in training employees to recognize and modify high-risk behaviors that put them at a greater risk of injury or death. Behavior-based safety (BBS) is a robust methodology for defining, measuring, and improving safety behavior through a collective effort. It is more than what people may think and requires a systematic approach to develop, implement and maintain it in an organization. A BBS program can ensure effective communication across organizations, reduce overall injuries, increase productivity, etc. It can be said that BBS serves as a bridge between organizational goals and individual goals as it aligns both the factors in achieving desired results.

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