How to do a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

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February 2, 2022
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The process of risk assessment is a vital part of any project and is often required as part of the risk management sub-process in project inclusion. The process may be called quantitative risk assessment or quantitative risk analysis or simply “risk assessment” by some organizations.

Whatever you might call it, the goal is to find all the potential risks related to achieving the complete objectives for a given project. Quantitative risk assessments allow businesses to make well-informed decisions on matters relating to their business continuity and emergency management.

Why do businesses perform a risk assessment?

Well, for one reason: to determine the level of risk involved in doing business. The QRA is a calculator that can be used to evaluate that risk. The QRA should not be confused with the overall process of risk management. It is actually one step in the overall process. By evaluating and analyzing the likelihood and impact of specific risks, along with the frequency and severity, you can develop a plan to help eliminate or lessen their impact on your company.

Many organizations field staff to the field for extensive periods. Such deployments expose the organization to a variety of risks and operational challenges.  These may include physical security issues, operational risk issues, bi-lateral relations, and language barriers. Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) is a useful tool for assessing and prioritizing risks associated with these foreign assignments. It helps in implementing effective control measures to mitigate associated risks.

Quantitative Risk Assessment is something that appraisers do on a day-to-day basis; to assess the level of risk associated with an investment. A QRA is a powerful tool that can help you make much better decisions in your business. A quantitative risk assessment (QRA) is a tool that estimates how a project or store is progressing and determines the ongoing risks involved with completing the project. It shows at-a-glance the progress of your product development and it provides actionable guidelines for managing various risks so you can mitigate risk and increase your chance of success.

Every year, numerous companies throughout the world find themselves in a crisis because of poor risk control measures and not conducting proper Process Safety Management. Some of these firms have never before faced a crisis because of their cavalier attitude, which leads them to believe that they are well prepared for every eventuality. Other companies do not fully understand their own risk tolerance and what kind of disasters they can often survive easily. Firms with this type of culture find themselves in an exceptionally bad position at the beginning of a crisis because they do want to be proactive.

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