Warehouse Capacity Calculation

Warehouse Capacity Calculation

Warehouse capacity calculator is a tool designed for calculating the safe storage capacity of the warehouse taking into the mix of products handled. The calculation will be done in line with the standards and applicable safety regulations.

Processor to calculate safety space

  • Measuring the total size of entire facility in square feet.
  • Identify the amount of space that is required for non-storage purposes and subtract that from previous total.
  • The height of usable storage space available from the ground up.
  • How to maximize the warehouse space potential and reduce costs:-

  • Stock item characteristics
  • Pallet Types, load dimensions and weights
  • Storage, racking and picking methods
  • Vertical cube capacity
  • Stock requirements for unforeseen peaks in orders
  • Necessary space for future products due to forecasted growth
  • Building shape
  • Entrance, exits and the manner in which spaces are adjoined
  • Warehouse access points, including the number and position of field areas

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