Process Hazards Analysis

The process hazards analysis (PHA) is a detailed examination of a process and the potential dangers involved. This includes any potentially dangerous elements that may occur in the production or maintenance of a product, and any precautions that need to be taken to protect personnel from possible harm. It is a thorough review that all workers should take part in, and all managers must approve before work begins. Process hazards analysis (PHA) can be used in a variety of industries, particularly those that rely on the processing of raw materials. PHA is used to evaluate equipment, product, and personnel safety from possible injuries or malfunctions during the manufacturing process. If you operate a manufacturing business, it is vital that you conduct process hazard analysis to ensure your workers do not put themselves or your customers at risk.

While it can prolong the start-up time for a new company, it helps to significantly reduce danger on the job for everyone who works there. If you haven’t thought about process hazards analysis or don’t know what it is, then it’s time to start. Any organization that manufactures products on the same manufacturing line should take the time to analyze the entire process so that they can identify and eliminate potential risk points.

The Process Hazards Analysis technique is a structured approach to understand the systematic factors that make an operation hazardous, uncover and analyze process hazards and generate strategies for improvement. A process hazard analysis is a critical safety tool used to evaluate how well your process can control its potential hazards. It involves collecting important information about your process and interpreting it to determine where the risks are. They provide an overall understanding of the workplace hazards and are based on OSHA standards. A PHA is essentially a visual review of workplace activities, processes and practices in order to identify potential hazards.

PHA studies are the foundation of process safety and chemical process risk management program. A PHA formulates a list of catastrophic chemical process hazards and generic hazardous situations by considering the following process characteristics.

  • Raw materials, intermediate and final products and their reactivity
  • Operating environment
  • Operational activities (testing, maintenance, etc.)
  • Plant equipment
  • Interfaces among system components
  • Facility layout

  • Through TheSafetyMaster™ expert PHA studies, our client can focus on

  • Know your risk beyond process hazards
  • Analysis of potential causes and consequences of fires, explosions and releases of toxic Chemicals
  • Analyze and manage business risks
  • Qualitative ranking of hazardous situations

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