Transforming a safety culture is a process, not a program. When the process is undertaken systematically and with authentic commitment – in organizations large or small, enterprise-wide or in individual locations -- qualitative change produces dramatic measurable improvements. Transforming a safety culture is not like designing and then implementing a safety program.

Changing the culture means changing norms, assumptions and perceptions, not just behavior, and not just policies, procedures, training, and equipment. With the right tools and some patience, the culture change process is a manageable sequence of concrete activities on-

Our Safety Culture Transformation Services are through BBS Implementation- Bringing Desired Change in Mindsets & Behaviors.

Safe Behavior Observation Program-BBS

Understanding what influences the culture of your organisation can make a significant contribution to changing employee attitudes and behaviors in relation to workplace health and safety. For a safety culture to be successful it needs to be led from the top—that is, safety culture needs to be embraced and practiced by the CEO and senior managers.

As a safety leader you should ask yourself or people?

  • Individuals hold safety as a ‘value’ and not just a priority.
  • Individuals take responsibility for the safety of their co-workers in addition to themselves and all level of employee are willing and able to act on their sense of responsibility –they can go ‘beyond the call of duty'.

  • We do SBOP-BBS capability development program for:

  • Leadership
  • Middle Managers/Supervisors
  • Workers

  • After our SBOP-BBS program, teams start:

  • Knowing the risks.
  • Knowing the precautions to minimize or control the risks.
  • Regularly taking those precautions by change in behaviors and they develop safety thinking that truly can help them improve their own safety performance and the performance of their fellow workers.
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