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Safety LMS

Safety LMS

The Safety Guru provides online safety training through a scalable learning management system (LMS) because safety effects every level of an organization and we're passionate about providing a powerful, cost-effective solution.

TheSafetyGuru offers an extensive library of online safety training courses for numerous industries. We are constantly adding and updating our library.

We believe that when it comes to safety training, there is no truer statement. Clients seek us out for our course content, and our LMS lets us deliver that training in the most effective way.

  • Managing a safety program is rarely the only job duty for any employee. Having one place to oversee continued training means more time can be spent on other important tasks.
  • With just a few clicks, you can easily see not only completions, but also overdue courses and those that were started but not finished. We make it simple to have full control of your organization’s training.
  • Group sessions provide the experience of traditional training with added benefits of online training, such as ease of use and enhanced content.
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