Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management

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Process safety management is a management system of preventing hazards and risks from highly hazardous chemical or energy release while a process is any activity or combination of activities including any use, storage, manufacturing, handling or the on-site movement of highly hazardous chemicals.

PSM Gap Assessment is one of the most important parts of the PSM system and includes identifying deficiencies related to PSM system, technical safety Infrastructure, planning, capability, following-up, and how is documenting the PSM system. A PSM Gap Assessment is a systematic series of assessment to identify gaps and problem areas associated with elements of Risk Based PSM programor installed in operation, design and maintenance. The review allows proper identification of gaps at the beginning of a project and provides a detailed list of system/people/physical gaps that can pose catastrophic dangers that may be faced by the facility; based on this list, it is possible to ensure the monitoring and traceability of the implementation of measures that will help to avoid them. The elements under assessment are

  • Risk Based Thinking
  • Governance and Organisation
  • Process Safety Information
  • Process Hazards Review Analysis
  • Operating Procedures
  • Management of Change
  • Pre Startup safety review
  • Training
  • Employee Participation
  • Trade Secret
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Incident Investigation
  • Emergency Response
  • Contractors
  • Hot Work
  • Compliance Audits
  • Risk Assurance

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