Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management

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Subsequent to an effective Gap Assessment of a Process Safety Management System; implementation of a safer work processes, building capability of people into critical PSM processes often becomes necessary in manufacturing, processing and chemical related industrial settings. When Gap studies reveal areas of oversight in the Process Safety Management System; TheSafetyMaster™ helps companies implement change as and where needed. Our focus goes as.

Foundational BlockElements
Commit To Process SafetyProcess Safety Culture
Compliance with Standards
Workforce Involvement
Stakeholder Outreach
Understand Hazard And RiskProcess Safety Information
Hazard Identification and Risk Audit
Manage RiskOperating Procedures
Safe Work Practice
Asset Integrity and Reliability
Contractor Management
Training & Performance Assurance
Management of Change
Operational Readiness(PSSR)
Emergency Management
Learn From ExperienceIncident Investigation
Measurement and Metrics
Management Review

Contact us as TheSafetyMaster for Implementation of complete Process Safety Management System by means of trainings and building/implementing/handholding valuable standards for your Process Safety Management System hence protect your process and people form catastrophic events.