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March 20, 2020
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March 25, 2020

Electrical hazards still threaten the safety of individuals and property within the sort of shocks, burns, injury, fire, and explosion. With electricity having become an important part of our life, electrical risks are to be managed effectively. TheSafetyMaster provides an Electrical Safety Audit.

In process industries, fires because of electrical reasons are very probable, especially in industries that handle flammable chemicals. In service industries like telecommunications, information technology business interruption losses because of the electrical hazards like damage of expensive communication equipment, fire in a server room, loss of information, fire in cable gallery, etc.could be substantial.

The key objective for Electrical Safety in the Workplace is to reduce human exposure to the hazards of shock, arc flash, and arc blast while working on or circuit parts or near exposed electrical conductors or can become energized. It provides guidance to assist companies to establish a practical safe working area for workers who are exposed to electrical hazards arising from the utilization of electricity in activities such as installation, maintenance, and uninstallation of equipment.

An Electrical Safety Audit (ESA) is a systematic approach to gauge potential hazards and to recommend suggestions for improvement. It is a crucial tool for identifying areas of risks, hazards and potential accidents in plants, deterioration of standards, for determining actions to minimize hazards.

Electrical Safety Audit is a well-planned way to cop up and assess potential dangers and to prescribe proposals for development. ESA is important for recognizing decay of principles, risks and potential mishaps in an Office, territories of dangers or weakness, Facility or Plant for deciding essential activity to/limit perils and for guaranteeing that the entire security exertion is feasible and significant.

How TheSafetyMaster™ can Help:

  • We review of proposed single line diagram for the premises.
  • TheSafetyMaster conducts a physical visual inspection of varied installations in premises with regard to the applicable Indian standards, Indian Electricity rules and create a layout during Installation.
  • We provide Electrical Safety Certificate Training
  • We also provide standard document development for electrical safety audits.

Please contact us at info@thesafetymaster.com or 7665231743 with your inquiry.

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