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March 25, 2020
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March 31, 2020

Fire is a hazard in any part of the premises no matter what’s the size, sector, or location. Due to its catastrophic nature, successful management of fire safety is very important to make sure a sense of calm in the workplace. Moreover, managing the risk of fire is gaining considerable attention from various organizations and has been considered as a top priority all over the world. TheSafetyMaster is the leading company providing fire audits for various organizations.

Fire is Disastrous. It gulps down both the man and the property. Many organizations do not realize or simply ignore basic fire safety systems. Fire Safety audit is an independent and systematic evaluation of the risks that are present within the premises and involves recommendations about proper measures to regulate and mitigate the consequences of fires. Safety Audit is a form of risk analysis and evaluation during a systematic investigation. It is carried out in order to determine the conditions and provide for the development and implementation of an effective and efficient safety policy.

Fire audit

Fire audit

In addition to possible injury and loss of life, a significant fire can close a workplace leading to significant job losses. It is possible to scale back the threat of fire to people and property by teaching everyone to do it together to stop fires with comprehensive fire safety training. Fire safety training begins by identifying the essential properties of fire. To prevent a fireplace the aim is to keep sources of ignition and fuel apart. TheSafetymaster conducts audits and help the workers in recognizing fire hazards, conduct a fire safety risk assessment, prevent a workplace fire, and respond if a fire occurs.

A Fire Safety Audit is the best tool for assessing the fire safety standards of your facility. It helps the owners to identify spots where improvement is often made and develop an action plan, additionally to emergency preparedness and mock drills. We also focus on fire safety surveys and Inspection.

How TheSafetyMaster™ can Help on Fire Audit:

TheSafetyMaster conducts Fire Safety Audits for various industries, High Rise Buildings, etc. 

We also help you in preparing the emergency plans for fire safety and conduct mock drills.

We also provide fire safety audit training.

We also provide standard document development for fire safety audits.

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