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March 27, 2019
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Electrical Safety Audit is examining the safety of electrical installations of any industrial unit or organization.

According to India Risk Survey the reason for the most likely potential fire outbreaks at business locations are Electric short-circuit. A data from National Crime Records Bureau shows that in 2015, 2,255 persons died due to accidental fires caused by electrical short circuits — a 25% rise from the previous year 2014 and a 48% jump from 2011.

What is Electricity?
Electricity is a form of energy. An electric current consists of a flow of electrons (negatively charged particles). Electrical energy depends upon two things,
• The current measured in ampere (A), which is the rate of flow of electrons from one point in a conductor to another.
• The electrical potential creates pushing force to move the electrons in a conductor. It is measured in volts (V)

Hazards of Electricity
The primary hazards presented by electricity are,
• Burns
• Arcing
• Shock
• Fires
• Explosions

Identifications during the Electrical Safety Audit

During the electrical safety audit by the experts from TheSafetyMaster™ the following are identified,
 Identification and elimination of safety hazards.
 Ensuring longevity of expensive electronic equipment like computers and other machines
 Development of a dynamic record of safety performance
 Creation of positive cycle of safety improvement
 Ensuring compliance with Regulatory and industry safety related best practices.

Outcome of the Electrical Safety Audit
With opting to the Electrical Safety Audit service by TheSafetyMaster™ the following would be outcome,
 Assessment of the degree of compliance with the applicable safety regulatory requirements
 Assurance of the safety management functions.
 Training to concerned staffs and officials for perfect operation of equipment and facility.
 Guidance to emergency procedure

Emergency Procedures following an Electrical Incident
When an electrical incident occurs in the workplace, all workers should be aware of the methods to deal with an electric shock casualty.
It is important for the management to train and have more first aiders to treat during any emergency, In TheSafetyMaster™ we conduct First Aid Training program with certified First Trainer where employees will get hands on experience on how to treat victims in need of first aid.

 Do not touch the person who is electrocuted
 Call for help
 Switch the power supply off
 Call for an ambulance
 Try Push or Pull method in case of not able to switch off the power supply
 Check for breathing

    • If breathing, place in the recovery position
    • If not breathing, apply cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR)

 Treat any obvious burns
 Treat for physiological shock
 Make sure the victim gets professional medical treatment

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