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March 27, 2019
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Construction Safety Audit or Building Safety Audit is examining the safety of the buildings and reviewing the safety measures implemented in an under construction or constructed buildings.

According to construction industry development council, planning commission of India the second largest economy activity in India after agriculture is the construction industry. A data from British Safety Council shows that Nearly 48,000 workers die in the country due to occupational accidents, of which the construction sector contributes 24.20 percent of the fatalities.

Hazards involved in Construction buildings
The primary hazards presented by construction are,
• Working at height.
• Moving objects.
• Collapsing trenches
• Electricity.
• Slips, trips, and falls.
• Noise.
• Material and manual handling.
• Hand arm vibration syndrome.
• Asbestos.
• Airborne fibers and materials.

Process of Construction Safety Audit
The construction industry and TheSafetyMaster™ share similar goals for the safety of the unorganized labor force. As such; our Construction Safety Audits are customized on a project by project basis to…
• Identify Onsite Hazards
• Eliminate Onsite Hazards
• Monitor Onsite Hazards

Outcome of the Construction Safety Audit

TheSafetyMaster™ Construction Safety Audit service is intended to effectively review any construction project and provide consultation on meeting safety standards as per ‘The Code of Practice’ on Occupational Safety & Health ‘Indian Standard – 14489:1998, OSHAS: 18000, EMS: 14000 & NBC 2005, Rules of respective States and other National & International standards applicable to varying Industry verticals.

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