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March 28, 2019
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April 2, 2019
Office Safety Audit

Offices are safe places to work in compared to industrial and construction sites, but injuries that do occur in office environments are not inconsequential and can result in disabling injuries. Be aware of your surroundings and your activities in an office and consider the possible consequences just as seriously as you would in totally unfamiliar surroundings.

An office may not look or sound like sawmill or foundry, but if you are not paying attention to a hazard because it doesn’t look scary, it can still hurt you quite badly.
Typical Office Hazards
The potential hazards involved in an office environment are,
1. Improper or poor lighting
2. Manual Handling
3. No proper ventilation
4. Ergonomic Hazard
5. Slip, Trip and Fall Hazard
6. Electrical Hazard
7. Stress
8. Fire Hazard

Importance of Office Safety Audit
When opting for Office Safety Audit service with TheSafetyMaster™ the following can be ensured,
• Protect your staff from injuries
• Reduce absences and sick leave
• Retain staff
• Reputation
• Productivity and profits
• Save insurance and legal costs

The Office Safety Audit by TheSafetyMaster™ is carried out by experts with over 20 years of experience.

Emergency Rescue and Evacuation Plan

 The employees gets clear knowledge on how to act in case of any emergency
 The ways to raise the alarm
 What to do when hearing an alarm
 Means of Escape
 Emergency Lighting
 Exit and Directional Signs
 Assembly point Operations

When opting for TheSafetyMaster™ Emergency Response and Planning Training the above can be ensured.

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