Hazard and Operability Study – an overview

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May 6, 2021
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May 27, 2021

A Hazard and Operability Study is an analysis of the major factors involved in a situation that can determine the outcome to a large extent. It specifically deals with events that could lead to significant losses or production issues within a facility. This study has many applications in law, safety engineering, risk assessment, and other disciplines concerned with health, operations, and production improvement.

Hazard and Operability Study is a risk analysis method used in industrial management to determine and eliminate unsafe situations or improve them to a safe level. This occurs through analyzing incidents associated with the industrial equipment over time. H&Os have become one of the most widely used methods to analyze hazards, largely due to their effectiveness in identifying factors that could lead to injury, illness, or death. By looking at the incidents that have occurred in the past, operators can pinpoint failures in industry equipment or procedures. Following the analysis of events, an operator will then correct these issues through modification of procedures or applying new technology.

Hazard and Operability Study is a study carried out in order to safely assess any systems or any processes associated with the operation. The study is conducted by collecting all relevant data about the system followed by analyzing them. The HOS are often required for manufacturing organizations when they want to improve the overall safety of their operations or plants. In fact, HOS helps you to identify hazards and minimize risk while improving your processes.

Working in the control room of a plant is an important task for any operator, and before they can do their job, they must first learn how to recognize the signs of instrumentation failure. This is where Hazard and Operability Study training comes in. The purpose of this training is to teach site personnel how to diagnose common primary and secondary faults using the change in instrumentation readings as indicators. A good H&O study enables operators to know approximately when a problem will occur in the system – thus avoiding equipment overloading and damage. TheSafetyMaster is the Top Safety Consultants in India providing Hazop study and training.

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