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February 2, 2019
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TheSafetyMaster™ is a leading name in the field of HAZOP Training and Certification Programme. We are conducting several HAZOP training and studies analyses every year for numerous Clients. HAZOP, as we know, is a structured and systematic technique for system examination and risk management. There are very few training courses out there that teach the HAZOP study technique thoroughly well, in a structured manner and we are offering you the very same. Our Course objective is to provide participants with the background of how process hazard analyses (PHA’s) are performed. An integral part of PHA’s is the process HAZOP.

Who can join this Course?
Our Students are Managers, Operations and maintenance staff, process reliability and quality control/assurance staff and anyone who needs a general understanding of the HAZOP process.

What do we teach?
Our Experts have developed a range of specific and valuable open courses and training opportunities designed for relevant implementation, monitoring and sustainability of process safety programmes. TheSafetyMaster™ HAZOP Certificate Training will equip you with the knowhow to carry out HAZOP Drills; planning, preparation and facilitation of HAZOPs and process of follow up and report the findings. The interrelationship between HAZOPs, hazard identification (HAZID) and human factors are also covered. Hazardous Area Classification in Chemical Industry where HAZOP comes much handy is an important part of the Course.

Our HAZOP Trainers:
TheSafetyMaster™ HAZOP Course Faculty includes numerous process safety and chemical engineers who specialise in the expert delivery of top quality HAZOP courses. You will find that around half of the Course involves carrying out a practical HAZOP efficiently guided by our Trainers.
Send us your enquiry to info@thesafetymaster.com or speak to our expert at +917665231743 for conducting HAZOP certificate Course or HAZOP study in-house today to become a HAZOP Expert.

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