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Industrial Safety Audit Improvement as per IS 14489

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Safety is of paramount importance in every industrial setting. It doesn’t really matter what the industry is. A manufacturing unit, steel mill, chemical plant, or any other type of industrial establishment – safety should be a given. What we sometimes fail to realize is that by simple virtue of working in such an environment – we expose ourselves to the risk of injury or death.

The safety audit is one of the most basic requirements in any industry, and it should be given top priority. When auditing an industrial site, it is vital to look at every process, starting from the design phase until the day-to-day operations. The audit must also cover the workplace security standards. In this article, we will discuss Safety Audit IS 14489– a crucial auditing standard followed by various organizations around the world.

Every industrial organization seeks to ensure the safety of its workers from both external and internal occupational hazards. To ensure that an organization maintains its safety levels, it must undergo frequent audits as well as tests. An Industrial Safety Improvement Audit is one such audit that involves a pre-defined assessment and evaluation procedure to be followed annually by companies, industries, and organizations within the specified timeframe laid down by the Indian government. This audit serves as a metric for reviewing the effectiveness of the efforts made towards the occupational safety standards within an organization and also measures and evaluates their capability in preventing injuries within their workplace.

Safety Audit Improvement as per IS 14489

Industrial Safety Improvement Audit as per IS 14489 is one of the vital managerial tools that incorporates all the possible audit points to obtain an objective and overview view of the industrial safety that could be reviewed on a periodic basis. Industrial Safety Improvement Audit as per IS 14489 outlines several important areas—Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Hazards Corrective Action, Training, Emergency Response, and much more.

It is a vital procedure for ensuring safe working practices for the company’s employees. The audit is a comprehensive process that includes the physical inspection of the machinery and processes followed by the implementation of safety measures. The industry today requires the use of various tools, machinery, and equipment to achieve efficiency and short run time. In spite of all these advancements, industrial injuries have not decreased. All industries have some common types of accidents which are preventable by the implementation of safety practices. The management is responsible for the implementation of safety measures and regular checks.

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