What is Safety Culture Survey in BBS Implementation?

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September 23, 2022
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Safety Culture Survey is a way of measuring safety performance at the organizational level. It helps in identifying the improvement areas and building a strong safety culture among employees. A safety culture survey is one of the most important aspects of the BBS implementation process. It helps you to understand your employees’ perceptions of safety and health. It also helps you to know what is already being done by your organization for safety, and where you need to focus on improving it further.

The BBS implementation process involves many steps that need to be completed before you can start using it as your main system for managing your business’s risk. One of these steps is to perform a safety culture survey, which will help you understand how well your business currently manages its risks and identify areas that need improvement. You can then use this information to develop action plans for improving your business’s safety culture so that you can reduce the number of accidents at work sites and meet regulatory requirements.

TheSafetyMaster’s s BBS Implementation Program works on scientific methodology to transform safety culture in an organization, so it is essential to understand the existing level of the organization’s safety culture through data analytics and not by any assumptions. A safety Culture Survey is one of the scientific-analytical to estimate the level of the existing safety culture which acts as the base data for the BBS Program performance indicator.

WHY Safety Culture Survey?

Safety Culture Survey is a method of evaluating the safety practices and behaviors of an organization. It helps identify potential safety hazards and risks, assesses employees’ perception of their own role in preventing accidents, identifies areas for improvement, and provides recommendations for implementing corrective action plans.

1. Identify the existing level of safety culture

2. Benchmarking

3. To prepare an effective BBS Implementation campaign

WHEN to conduct a safety culture survey?

Safety culture surveys are used by companies to assess their safety culture and identify areas for improvement. A good safety culture survey will provide insight into the ways your employees feel about safety in your workplace, as well as the ways they feel they can improve it. It should also include questions that allow you to understand how people feel about different aspects of their jobs—for example, if they feel like they have a voice in making decisions about what happens at work, or if they’re worried about being able to do their job safely without getting hurt.

1. Before initiating a BBS Implementation Program

2. Annually monitor and improve the safety culture

3. After any major accidents, as a part of Incident Investigation

HOW is Safety Culture Survey conducted?

STEP 1: Drafting of Survey Questionnaires for different levels of management

– Drafted Considering Four major areas affecting Safety Culture at Interfaces

1. Organization, Management, Responsibilities, and Resources

2. Individual and Groups at Interfaces

3. Co-operation across Interfaces

4. Learning Processes

STEP 2: Conducting the Survey

– By TheSafetyMaster Safety Culture Survey Software

– Interview with Employees

STEP 3: Evaluation of Survey

– Survey Questionnaire Score Card

– Data analytics on culture performance

STEP 4: Continual Improvement Report Preparation

– Roadmap for BBS Implementation

– Estimation of BBS Improvement Index

– Declination of Incident ratio

WHOM to approach for conducting the Safety Culture Survey?

TheSafetyMaster has a highly experienced team and tools for carrying out the safety culture survey. By conducting the Safety Culture Survey with TheSafetyMaster the following are ensured,

– Complete roadmap for successfully implementing the BBS program

– Data analytics through our Safety Culture Survey Software

– Continual handholding support on the BBS Implementation process

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