Behavior-Based Safety: Key Concepts and Benefits

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August 28, 2021
The Importance of Safety Training
September 18, 2021

Behavior-Based Safety is a revolutionary way to deal with potential hazards – even those you can’t see or measure using traditional methods. Behaviors usually precede incidents and can be targeted as early as the hazard identification stage of the decision-making process. BBS makes it possible to not only reduce those incidents that do occur, but also those that may occur in the future. This approach is designed to help an organization become proactive and implement measures that make it less likely for an incident to occur and if one does occur, reduce its severity and/or prevent loss of life and disablement.

The Basics of BBS

Behavior-based safety is a culture that strives to create an environment of trust to identify unsafe behaviors, mitigate risks, and effectively manage injuries caused by unsafe behavior. This occurs through four primary facets: leadership, skills, support networks, and continuous improvement. It’s crucial that employers are aware of the effects that workplace injuries have on their businesses. And it’s equally important that they do what they can to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Behavior-Based Safety(BBS) is an approach to safety that emphasizes the need for behavioral discipline by analyzing human error, combining that analysis with human factors engineering, and using the resulting information to develop strategies to manage organizational behavior.

BBS Starts with Selecting and Observing Desired Safe Behaviors

The first step of Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is to identify and select safe behaviors. These are the positive behaviors that your organization (and your employees) already does more of than it doesn’t. Behavior-based safety (BBS) offers a simple and effective method for improving the safety and the culture of an organization. BBS aims to create and sustain a safe and healthy work environment by identifying, observing, and rewarding behavior we want to see.

The BBS program was originally designed to help people who struggle with feelings of panic and anxiety. Part of the goal is to give them a sense of control in their lives. You can start by selecting some behaviors you would like the person to be able to do.  If possible, it’s helpful if these safe behaviors can yield positive results such as feeling better, making friends, or getting along better at school.

BBS has proven to be an effective method for change in health care organizations. However, how does one implement BBS effectively? That is the question many teams ask themselves. It’s important that the implementation of the system is done correctly because if it is not, there can be disastrous results. Implementing some systems doesn’t require too much planning but BBS might actually require a little more planning than other systems. This is because BBS was designed to measure how many unsafe behaviors an organization has so if you choose wrong you might not see any improvement on your dashboard or may even do worse on your dashboard.

Behavior-Based Safety Training

Behavior-Based Safety Training is an excellent method that has many advantages over traditional safety programs. Traditional safety training is training employees on the job how to work safely, rather than training them at a class facility. It can be conducted on-site during normal work hours or after hours. BBS Training also incorporates the use of videos, posters, books, and audio recordings. Using this system can help improve workplace safety not only by improving training but also by using assessment, feedback, and reinforcement techniques after the initial training are complete.

Behavior-Based Safety Training is the means of reaching all employees with safety information, fostering safe behavior by measuring competence, and finding gaps in training. This company has taken BBS all the way to the next level by making it ultra-easy to keep track of your competence record, update records on an ongoing basis, set goals for future training, and develop action plans based on improvement areas.

Need for Behavior-Based Safety Training

The need for behavior-based safety training was never so much in demand because of the awareness created by all sorts of organizations. The main objective behind the use of this software is to decrease the chances of happening accidents in terms of health and security. Also, it helps to improve personal control over the working environment because it takes care about affecting various factors to avoid risking dangers, errors, or incidents because of unawareness or neglecting work demands.

Behavior-based safety training is a system that uses positive reinforcement to improve job safety. The basic concept is to reinforce employees’ behavior when it is observations of good, safe behavior and to remove reinforcement when they display behavior that could lead to an injury. The need for behavior-based employee safety training has never been greater, due to the globalizing nature of manufacturing. Many traditional manufacturing companies are moving their operations to low-wage countries, in order to maximize profit.

Creating a new global supply chain, with an entirely new workforce is causing some companies to re-think their approach to employee safety training. Governmental agencies are enforcing stringent laws that require employers to train all employees on behavioral safety techniques, including effective communication skills

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