Top Safety Consultancy Company In India

TheSafetyMaster is the leading safety consultants in India to provide Quality Education in the field of Safety and Health. We support consultancy part for various industries like Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Speciality Chemicals, Integrated Steel plants, Fertilizers, Auto motives, Foods and Beverages, Buildings, Leather Industries Etc.

Our highly qualified and experienced safety consulting team can deliver a comprehensive number of services to support your company’s safety efforts. We’ll customize our expertise to the dimensions and requirements of your company, with a versatile list of services that has all these and more. The aim of health and safety programs and policies is to define standards, assign responsibilities and supply a framework for compliance with legislative requirements and development of a safe workplace.

TheSafetyMasters' Safety Assessment will help in identifying gaps within your safety program and also provide a benchmark for a way your company is performing as compared to requirements set by the best management practices commonly used in the industry. Whether you are carrying out a safety review, implementing safety audits or ensuring compliance with standards or regulations, TheSafetyMaster has the up-to-date resources and skills to complete the task and if you require help with problem-solving or incident investigation, you can rely on impartial advice and support from our experienced team whenever you need it.

TheSafetyMaster offers various safety services like Process Safety Management, Process Hazards Analysis, HAZOP Study, Hazardous Area Classification, EHS Training, etc.

TheSafetyMaster pride in the understanding of regulations and the ability to leverage partnerships to make sure clients are ready to create and implement effective and efficient programs that have a real impact on protecting the health and well-being of their employees.

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