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January 9, 2019
Work at height and Scaffolding Safety
February 2, 2019

As the name suggests. Emergency response plan aka ERP is a safety plan committed towards the safety and physical security of the Staff and Guests of any Organisation. Upholding this commitment requires practice and planning. This plan outlines the steps to be taken to prepare for and respond to an emergency or crisis.
With the heavy, lofty Construction Projects envisaged, the safe use of height safety equipment and scaffoldings cannot be overlooked. The European Standard, BS EN 12811-1, specifies performance requirements and methods of structural and general design for access and working for different categories of scaffolds. In India, regulations and guidelines have been provided u/s 100 (1) & Schedule 1 & 2 of the Occupational Safety & Health Act, 2013 for work at height and scaffolding.

TheSafetyMaster™, The Global leader in safety management consulting, training and softwares, proudly introduces ERP Training tailor-made for any Organisation. Our Course enables you to understand the nuances of safety and response thereof. This course also aims one to realize that meeting this commitment involves more than just being fully prepared.

Methodology of our Course:
THESAFETYMASTER™ imparts high-level training with scientific methodology with hands-on training Sessions. Our experienced Team includes process safety experts, field engineers having several years of expertise and knowledge in the field of Emergency Planning and Life Saving Measures. This course aims at improving your leadership capabilities through Assessment, syndicate role plays and group discussion. We improve your crisis communication skills and develop team problem-solving techniques and methods through various challenges.

Our course enables you to-

  • Design appropriate response plans as per need
  • Develop Emergency Control Centers and routes
  • Training Emergency Response Teams and communication
  • Analyse incidents and allocating duties as per the crisis
  • Develop crisis management strategies immediately

Who can join:

  • Fire, Safety and security personnel, Emergency response team, Crisis Management core team members
  • Site Managers & Engineers
  • Line Managers and Supervisors

How TheSafetyMaster™ can help
Our consultants are having hands-on expertise in Safety Management and are well-versed in Safety directives issued by CCPS-AICHE or any international societies in safety such as NFPA, IEC, BIS. Their respective experience will help your company to avail following services.
1) Emergency Response Plan Preparation
2) Training on Life Saving Techniques(Fire Fighting, First Aid, Emergency Response
3) Emergency Layout Design & Preparation

Send us your enquiry to info@thesafetymaster.com or speak to our expert at +917665231743 for conducting Emergency Response Certificate Course or study in-house today to achieve safety goals.

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