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December 21, 2018
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January 17, 2019

The Construction Industry is the most booming Sector in India and requires safety assistance at best. The construction industry, employing the largest labor force in the country has accounted for about 11% of all occupational injuries and 20% of all deaths resulting from occupational accidents and the cost of accidents is very expensive. Unfortunately, it is also the most vulnerable segment of unorganized Labor force being exposed to health hazards and high-risk environment.

Past data analysis of accident in construction industry

Type of accidents on site


TheSafetyMasterTM, Global leader in Industrial Safety Management conducts the Construction Safety Audit –

-Hazards Identify and control

-Training, communication, documentation and enforcement of safety rules

-Monitor and maintenance of safe working conditions

-Reviewing circumstances involved in incidents

TheSafetyMasterÔ is the dedicated team of young, innovative, research driven & experienced professionals, who want to create value for their customers by providing ingenious services in the field of Safety with a vision of “Safer India Better World”. In this era of industrial growth, safety is not just a practice to be followed; it reflects an essence of the values, an organization believes in. But unfortunately, even after such a prominent emphasis by our legislative bodies, there is still a definite gap in the requirements to be met for occupational safety. It is highly essential to understand health & safety risks for workers, supervisors or plant manager and everyone associated even the society to make this possible TSM the safety master is striving day & night to minimize those risks by spreading the safety standards.

Our Safety Professionals are trained exclusively to handle and identify any potential threat to your Organization. We evaluate the currently employed methods of Safety & health; motivate the Client to adhere to the latest standards of NSC in Health, Safety and Environment risks of Construction Workers.

TheSafetyMasterTM have been conducting Training Programs, Workshops, Safety Audits, Information dissemination, producing awareness material and organizing awareness Campaigns about risks attached to Construction Industry and their remedy.

Our Safety Audits, conducted by the Safety Experts having years of experience over respective Fields.


Our Methodology

  • Writing safety manuals
  • Preparing safety checklists
  • And detailed inspection report
  • Checking of Work Permits, preparation of disaster management plan
  • Check on methods of Contractor selection and safety
  • Check on personal protective equipment
  • Propagation, Implementation and monitoring of all laws and regulation OHS Policy
  • Training and practical guidance for Internal & External work
  • Strategic planning to achieve the highest level of the safety standard for coming years, analysis of past accidental reports and deployment of all the necessary elements to work safely
  • Inspection and verification of each & every element of Technical and HSE Management at the worksite e.g. Safety equipment, human intelligence and credibility, proper training, uncontrolled elements etc.


Health and safety is one of the most important considerations you should take before any construction project gets underway. You should always make sure that all aspects of health and safety have been considered before you step foot on the construction site. Health and safety in construction are particularly important because the industry is prone to hazardous situations and can be dangerous at times.

Our practical and professional approach helps Organizations to understand the Safety Norms and stick to them entirely. Thus saving Penalties, Fines and Legal Hassles.


We are proud to offer our services in-

         Construction Safety Audit

         Construction Safety Manual

         HIRA

         Excavation Training

         Safety Trainings

         Permit to Work

         Work at Height/Material Handling

         Safety Trainings

         Site Safety Staff


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