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September 18, 2021
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The ISO 45001 standard is changing the way we look at and implement health and safety systems in an organization. By focusing on people and their ability to make positive choices, we can make a difference in peoples’ lives. And by implementing the necessary elements of the ISO 45001 we can create a culture of positive behaviors and attitudes that make a difference to every employee and customer every day.

ISO 45001 is the new standard for occupational health and safety management, developed by ISO. ISO 45001 will be used by organizations that want to improve how they manage health and safety management in their organization. It provides guidance to help organizations adopt a systematic approach to improving health and safety. It has become mandatory in some countries, while others are evaluating if it should be implemented.

Tips for implementing ISO 45001

Get commitment and support from senior management

Get commitment and support from senior management – that’s a phrase we hear a lot in safety circles. There is no question about the importance of top-level engagement and buy-in for an effective, robust safety culture or to achieve a sustainable focus on continuous improvement. The best implementations today achieve a ‘triple win’ for organizations.

Every individual involved in safety management has an important role to play. However, managing safety also means seeking commitment and support from senior management. This is because senior management, as well as the continued financial support, provides essential stability to ensure that safety programs are successful.

ISO 45001 standard
ISO 45001

Engage the whole business with good internal communication

ISO 45001 is a new safety standard that aims to engage the whole business with good internal communication. The theory behind it is – if safety is important, safety should not be left to a select few. Safety must reflect best practices at all levels of the organization and should be recognized as being the responsibility of every employee. This means that ISO 45001 creates a framework that can systematically enable organizations to minimize risk within an environment where everyone feels empowered and confident enough to take ownership for safety.

Compare your existing systems with ISO 45001 requirements

The implementation of the ISO 45001 standard is becoming quite popular among larger companies. This is due to the fact that this standard is the fastest growing organization-wide safety management system (OWSSM) to date. It covers many diverse areas related to safety implementation. You can usually find it at bigger factories or organizations that trigger hazardous processes on a daily basis, such as chemical plants, oil refineries, power plants, etc.

The ISO 45001 requirements are just guidelines. It is your responsibility to assess your current safety management system and ensure you are meeting the requirements. The more that applies to your organization, the more you should be worried about a new regulation on top of a pre-existing system.

Establish an implementation team to get the best results

The new ISO 45001 standard has the potential of changing the safety of an organization for the better. However, to get the most out of it requires a good understanding of what you would like to accomplish. As with any project of this kind, you will need to form or appoint an implementation team that will provide guidance on new processes and procedures.

ISO 45001 is a management system standard for occupational health and safety. It assists effective management of OHS risk across an organization, identifying hazards and measuring their impact, taking measures to reduce risks, and treating injured workers. To ensure the successful implementation of ISO 45001, it’s important to select the right team members for your implementation team.

Map out and share roles, responsibilities and timescales

Organizations looking to implement ISO 45001 can expect a new culture, a new way of working, and a long journey. There will be new expectations on all staff related to risk assessment, control of hazards, and full traceability. Amongst many other changes, the biggest challenge will be ensuring everyone understands how their roles fit into the bigger picture. In order for this to happen there needs to be a coordinated approach where specific people are responsible for roles/responsibilities aligned to the project.

How Thesafetymaster can help

As a concept, ISO 45001 is pretty straightforward. It’s intended to help companies create better, safer working conditions for their employees. It’s doing so by addressing workplace risks which are the main cause of accidents in the workplace. It makes doing this better through understanding, managing, and preventing risks at their source. It’s effective by shifting the responsibility of safety management from being an ad-hoc action to being integrated into organizations’ daily operations.

ISO 45001 is a standard for safety performance management systems in the workplace. This is a strategic tool that helps organizations decide on an effective safety performance model. This set of processes and procedures helps companies to improve on their existing safety practices, therefore reducing incidents of workplace injuries. Today, workplace health and safety are an integral part of productivity, profitability, compliance risk mitigation, and brand protection.

While this may sound all well and good for the present, consider that 54% of the working populations are at high risk of acquiring a serious disease due to exposure to third-party risks alone. This is done by taking into consideration various factors, including workplace risks, leadership, and communication, the performance management cycle, occupational health and safety policy development, human resource development, loss prevention measures, etc.

For organizations that are serious about improving safety management systems, reducing workplace risks, and creating better, safer working conditions, there’s ISO 45001, TSM TheSafetyMaster Pvt Limited, a leading safety consultant provides a bundle of services on IS045001 mentioned below:

  • Gap Assessment
  • Internal Auditor Trainings
  • Legal Register
  • Online or Onsite Safety Training on various safety management, elements such as work at Height Permit to Work, Hot work Risk Management, Scaffolding, Forklift Safety and many more
  • System standards documentation, implementation & handholding
  • Risk management safety audit framework
  • Industrial PPE supply as per requirement
  • Mock drills
  • HIRA
  • Fire fighting training
  • First aid training
  • Emergency response plan & drawing layout
  • Safety management software
  • High quality services of ISO 45001 implementation
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