Scope of work for fire risk assessment

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April 12, 2021
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May 6, 2021

Scopes of work are generally a description of what is to be accomplished by the fire safety assessor during the course of a job. They include references to any code requirements, past fire inspector recommendations, and other suggested practices. Scope of work helps to define expectations so that both the Fire Safety Assessor and client know what will be required for completion. 

  • Identify Fire Hazards & sources of ignition sources.
  • Identify the Occupants are at Risk from each Hazard.
  • To Evaluate the Existing Fire Protection (Control) Measures to Reduce the Risk.
  • To Determine the Required Additional Fire Fighting / Protection Measures.
  • ( A) Fire Service Inlet
  • (B)  Fire Hydrant Systems.( Internal & External)
  • (C) Hose Reel
  • (D) Down Comer
  • (E) Riser –Wet Riser, Dry Riser.
  • (F) Automatic & Manual Water Sprinkler Systems.
  • (G)Fire Pump Room – Fire Pump,  Stand by Diesel Fire Pump & Jockey Pump
  • (H) Static Water Tank – Ground & At Building terrace
  • Availability of Adequate Means of Escape from the Fire Premises in case of Fire.
  • Availability of Suitable Fire Detection & Fire Alarm (Automatic /Manual Call points (MCP) on each floor.
  • Testing of Fire Alarm system
  • Emergency Response System
  • Availability of Suitable Emergency Plan detailing Responsibilities and Action as a Key Personnel –in case of an Emergency /Fire.
  • Fire Safety Awareness Training. Information of Instruction to all occupants  to take action in case of an Emergency/ Fire
  • Building Structure Details
    • Fire Detection & Fire Alarm
    • Lightning Protection
    • Fire Drill / Evacuation Drill
    • Compartmentation  / Fire Door
    • Training & Fire Trained Security Guards
    • Singe (Entry. Exit, Fire Emergency Exit.)
    • P.E issue Register.
    • Assembly point.
  • Fire Safety Inspection
    • Active Fire Protection
    • Portable Fire Extinguishers / Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguishers
    • Maintenance Register of all types of Equipment.

Fire Safety Awareness Training Register

    • Fire Mock Drill Register.
    • Fire Order displayed at important locations.

Automatic Fire Dampers (If Centralized AC)

    • Fire Prevention, Protection & Life Safety Measures
    • Appointed Fire Officer /  Trained Fire Cum Security officer
    • Refuse Area if any.
    • Electrical Safety -/ proper Maintenance
    • Transformer, DG Sets
    • Basement & existing Fire Fighting systems
  • Fire Safety Survey & Any other Discrepancies’ related  to Fire Prevention, Fire Protection & Life Safety Measures etc
  • Verifying all safety-related documents.
  • Preparing Fire Safety Report


It is vital that the scope of work carried out is examined carefully by the person commissioning it, as this should be clear and explicit as to what will be done during the assessment. TheSafetyMaster is a Top Safety Consultant in India providing training and Scope of Work for your fire risk assessment process.

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