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April 5, 2021
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April 16, 2021

Electrically powered equipment can pose a significant hazard to workers, particularly when mishandled or not maintained.  Many electrical devices have high voltage or high-power requirements, carrying even more risk.

The objective of Electrical Safety training is to understand –

  • Regulations relevant to electrical safety
  • Causes of Electrical Failure
  • Necessary preventative measures to be implemented to reduce the risk of harm and fire occurring from electricity at work

Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit is examining the safety of electrical installations of any industrial unit or organization. Electrical Safety Audit is performed by documentation review, inspection, testing and verification. Electrical Safety Audits are conducted by experienced professionals who assist clients in reducing risk and help to ensure compliance with applicable Safety Standards and Regulations. 

Electrical Safety Audits helps in Identifying: 

  • Identification and elimination of safety hazards;
  • Ensuring longevity of expensive electronic equipment like computers and other machines;
  • Development of a dynamic record of safety performance;
  • Creation of positive cycle of safety improvement;
  • Ensuring compliance with Regulatory and industry safety related best practices. 


  • Assessment of the degree of compliance with the applicable safety regulatory requirements 
  • Assurance of the safety management functions
  • Training to concerned staffs and officials for the perfect operation of equipment and facility
  • Guidance to emergency procedure


Thermography assessment 

Electrical Systems typically suffer from problems such as loose connections, load unbalances and corrosion. These problems cause an increase in impedance, resulting in resistive heating. Failures can be avoided by monitoring through Thermography.

The objective of thermography is to assess hotspot of heavy current or voltage carrying electrical equipment in existing operations of the site & to generate gaps report in terms of electrical fire safety issues so that catastrophic incidents can be prevented and protection strategy is up to date.

Through this, our client can focus on –

  • Complete Temperature Analysis
  • Location of Hot Spots
  • Balance Load in Transmission & Distribution, Risk factor

Recommendation of prevention from equipment’s failure


Electrical Safety Training – 2days

Electricity is essential in our everyday lives, but when it is not handled properly, it can cause serious injuries or even death. It is important to understand the basics of electricity and the measures you can take to keep yourself and your co-workers safe – because safety matters.

Electrical accidents can cause burns, shocks and electrocution, and without the proper electrical safety can lead to fatal accidents in a worst-case scenario.Through this, our client can focus on –

  • Raising awareness of the dangers of electricity.
  • Providing a simple, flexible and interactive training experience for employees.
  • Standardizing training for all staff.
  • Managing training records and reducing administration overhead.
  • Protective measures against direct and indirect contact.
  • Identify methods of isolation and switching.


Electrical Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous locations are defined as places where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases, flammable liquid–produced vapors, combustible liquid–produced vapors, combustible dusts, or ignitable fibers present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures. Gases, vapors, mists and dusts can all form explosive atmospheres with air. Hazardous area classification is used to identify places where, because of the potential for an explosive atmosphere, special precautions over sources of ignition are needed to prevent fires and explosions. Electrical equipment that must be installed in such classified locations should be specially designed and tested to ensure it does not initiate an explosion, due to arcing contacts or high surface temperature of equipment. Through this, our client can focus on 

  • Ensures that critical controls on hazardous areas are in place to prevent catastrophic incidents.
  • Prevents business losses due to the costs of legal penalties
  • Identifies hazardous areas that have the highest safety, environmental or financial impact when failing.
  • Ensures legal compliance.
  • Verifies conformity of electrical and non-electrical products.


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