The top 5 safety and technology trends

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February 4, 2021
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March 10, 2021

Regardless of your industry, keeping workers safe is critical. The industry is growing rapidly not only but also newer technology being introduced. This article will continue to detail the top 5 safety and technology trends that will make 2021 a safer year.

Smart personal protective equipment

The advanced wearable safety technology and smart workwear will enable companies to build a strong employee safety culture, improve well-being, and achieve a competitive edge in an effort to reduce injuries, ill-health, and lost time at work. Most smart PPE and wearable technology are still in their process of development. It only takes one life-threatening accident to not be a game-changer anymore. The health of workers is critical in an industry as dangerous as in other sectors. Wearing devices that keep track of physical parameters and make alerting information more accessible will benefit those workers.

Enhanced immersive reality

Research in “mixed reality” has been taking place with the hope that, in the future, computer-generated characters would be able to respond to changes in the physical setting, including users’ actions or behaviors. Some commentators have heralded this development as an important milestone towards the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence in the industry. So, AI will be taking an important role in several industries.

Mobile apps and tools

A variety of apps and tools help ensure workplace safety and productivity. For example, some apps offer a suite of specialized mobile inspection apps that enable workers to locate and address safety hazards without interrupting their work or the workflow on the job site. Get the best training and guidance from Safety Consultancy.

More safety professionals

Hiring professionals with safety knowledge is a need for a safety program. Each of us brings enough experience to complement the company’s needs. Organizations are seeking out safety professionals such as Industrial Hygienists, Safety Managers, Risk Assessment Experts, and more. We are an eminent Safety Consultant in India.

Workstation Design

As a rule, workstations should be safe, healthy, and comfortable. Incorporate these elements in the layout of the workplace. Design workstations to give employees the freedom, all while ensuring that safety for not only you but also others remains priority number one.

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