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February 10, 2021
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Behavior-based safety is a concept. It takes the idea of personal responsibility and expands on it to provide a culture where safe behavior is supported and rewarded. It does not require your company to purchase any new equipment or create new procedures. It just needs you to make some changes in the way you think. Behavior-Based Safety is a safety philosophy to increase proactive behavior, which supports incident prevention and positive worker involvement. It is a company philosophy that comes from the realization that the driving force behind unsafe decision-making and unsafe behavior within an organization can be linked to the human behaviors of individuals.

Some organizations continue to operate unsafely and wonder why they do not have a good safety record. The need for behavior-based safety is increasingly important in today’s dynamic work environment. It’s hard to imagine building a culture of safety without including an effective behavior-based safety (BBS) program which provides employees with the ability to perform their job at the highest level safely. Behavior-based safety has been shown to be more effective than simply addressing general areas of concern.

Behavior-based safety training started as a way to figure out why an employee had made a mistake that could have lead to serious injury or worse death on the job. It has now expanded to be used for anything from minor mistakes to managing disruptive behavior in the workplace. Despite the recent expansion of behavior-based safety training, it is still one of the most effective methods of training employees to stop making mistakes and disrupting workflow. The goal of BBS is to influence worker behavior and reduce injuries, illnesses, and fatalities through interventions before, during, and following work activities. TheSafetyMaster is a top safety company in India that specializes exclusively in Behavior-Based Safety and the behavioral aspects of workplace safety.

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