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March 10, 2021
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In India, a Hazop study is a must for all buildings and plants. It is very vital instrument for the safety purpose of the people. But as on date, not everyone is aware of the methods to carry out a hazop study and who should do in this field. There are times when we need to implement safety measures for the protection of employees, assets and the environment from any sort of hazardous or dangerous situations. Hazop study is an excellent way to save and protect ourselves in case of any kind of emergency.
A hazop study is performed by experts with experience in the field and knowledge of certain safety procedures and chemicals. Hazop studies help to identify all possible risks that may arise along with the cause of such problems. Hazop is a methodology used in risk analysis that involves all the areas of study that relate to an accident or incident. It includes human, organizational and technological factors as well as process management hazards and opportunities. Hazop can be used for internal audits and assessments as well as external audits and public interest questionnaires. Hazop stands for Hazardous Operation identification and is an extremely useful tool that can greatly benefit a team in the discovery of risk areas, as well as the assessment of the consequences and complexity in engineering systems. It’s a systematic way of evaluating planned hazardous operations and the potential effects on human safety. Hazop risk assessment study may be conducted for entire process or part of it. It can also include operational control systems design, emergency response planning, and even for the entire plant start-up procedure.
A Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Study or Hazop study is one of the most important parts of a Site Safety Plan (SSP) due to that is the starting point for identifying all relevant risks for the project. Therefore, when implementing site safety in practice, you should first perform a HIRA study and then identify and take measures to eliminate potential hazards based on the results. TheSafetyMaster conducts hazop study on your site to provide you best Hazop report or safety study with training and certification services.
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