Process Safety Management: What is it and why do we need it?

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March 17, 2021
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April 5, 2021

Throughout the industrial world, organizations are facing some of the most complex challenges in a generation. Changing demographics and disruptive technology are changing the way that all of us must do our business. Process Safety Management can help our industry create products and services that sustain our marketplace for future generations. The topic of process safety management is a complex one that can raise more questions than provide answers. Process safety management basically boils down to the safety of humans and the environment. This includes those who work in, those who come in contact with, or those who live near a facility where a process occurs or is located.
Process safety management includes all aspects of process design, operation, and maintenance, including hazard identification, plant design, equipment selection, safe operating procedures, training of personnel, provision for emergencies, monitoring of plant activity, and control equipment calibration.
In the modern world where everything is automated and computerized, different sectors of industries try to minimize the chances of human error or equipment failures. Most of them are utilizing systems based on hi-tech technology to avoid any kind of disaster. Things can go wrong when people get involved and try to find a solution for the caused problem – what process of safety management (PSM) is supposed to deal with. Process Safety Management (PSM) is a framework for analyzing and managing the hazards that may arise in the operations of a chemical process. It can also refer to specific procedures designed to prevent, contain, and respond to chemical or physical hazards at regulated facilities.
Why do we need Process Safety Management? Actually, this is the key question for any type of risk management. In simple words, if you are wondering why you need to practice Process Safety Management as well as what it is – you need to read a bit further. Certainly, process safety involves continuous monitoring and reporting the potential threats to personnel and the environment along with providing every possible protection measure. Here we can say that the actions are aimed at preventing the shutdown of your facility during a multi-year term.
A PSM program can improve process safety performance at lower costs by providing leadership and resources for the continuous improvement of safe processes, safe systems, and safe facilities. Fundamentally, process safety management is about an activity-based single management system that supplies flexibility in managing the risk to people, property, and environment from processes and involves all personnel in the implementation of this system. Hence, it is a comprehensive set of activities that include performing audits of processing equipment. The top process safety management framework is based on the identification and assessment of risks within an organization’s operations which can be compromised by preventing people, procedures, and systems or by an external event. It is widely accepted that process safety management is a systematic approach to provide an integrated method that allows effective control over potential hazards from equipment failures at every stage of a facility’s operation.
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