Process Hazards Analysis- An Overview and Its Importance

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May 29, 2020
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July 11, 2020
Process Hazard Analysis

Process Hazard Analysis

It is becoming more and more critical for every company to evaluate the potential hazards associated with the process to control the risks properly. Process Hazards Analysis is a proactive and structured approach by chemical process operations to understand what can go wrong, how likely it is to go wrong, and what steps are necessary to prevent or mitigate undesired consequences. TheSafetyMaster conducts Process Hazards Analysis Training in India.
Safeguards currently in place are accounted for, and where risk is unmitigated/deemed unacceptable, recommendations for follow-up actions are provided. A management review is later conducted to work out what changes are going to be made. The end goal of performing a PHA is not to label a safe process, but to detect unsafe situations and trigger the necessary safety improvements to reduce or minimize risk.
TheSafetyMaster has unique capabilities and experience comparing in-process energies to the material’s explosive response. We have developed effective methods for measuring, calculating, or modeling the standard and potential abnormal in-process strengths in engineering units. Our methodology allows us to match this information with the explosive response data, which is additionally in engineering units.
Importance of Performing PHA
PHA is required for Process Safety Management regulations around the world. It is good engineering practice. Companies that handle or process highly hazardous chemicals have a responsibility to guard employees, the general public, and therefore the environment from exposure to accidental releases.
PHA also helps to guard against process downtime, property damage, product quality issues, and adverse publicity from accidents. The financial cost of catastrophic accidents is exceptionally high, and PHA is often considered a cheap sort of insurance.
How TheSafetyMaster can help:
• We will help Participants to identify toxic, flammable, explosive, reactive, and mechanical hazards.
• We will also help them to develop valid recommendations and how to resolve recommendations effectively.
• We also help them to carry out a practical HAZOP study and where PHA methods fit into the overall process safety management work process.
• We also provide standard document development for process hazard analysis.

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